Television Movies

Katey has earned equally fine kudos for her TV movies, appearing in such fare as "Chance of a Lifetime" (1998), a charming romantic comedy that also co-starred John Ritter, "God's New Plan" (1999), a tearjerker in which she played a dying mom, and the Disney offerings "Smart House" (1999) and "Mr. Headmistress" (1998).

“One of her "Peg Bundy" bras is located in the Frederick's of Hollywood Lingerie Museum in Hollywood. It was stolen during the 1993 riots, but was returned by the thieves after they discovered its value.”
—IMDB Biography

Three Wise Guys (2005)

She's No Virgin...and They're No Wise Men. On Christmas Eve, three hired killers give chase after unwittingly aiding the pregnant girlfriend of one of their targets. This Christmas movie is a comedy about the mistress of the owner a casino in Las Vegas and her boyfriend had stolen a disc containing financial irregularities in the Casino. Murray Crown,the owner of the casino, hires three murderers of balance to find Stella and her boyfriend and retrieve the disc.

—Katey Sagal as "Shirley Crown"

Campus Confidential (2005)

School... there is the popular crowd. Teachers favor some students over others. Because of this, Violet decides to start a school paper, which exposes many embarrassing secrets of popular kids who think they run the campus. Violet is in for the shock of her life when she goes from urban to suburban with her mom and finds a drastic difference between schools. Not only is there a popular crowd, but even the teachers show blatant favoritism. With her acerbic wit and acute sense of social justice, Violet decides to take matters into her own hands and use her first amendment right by starting a school tabloid with her new friend Cornelia exposing the embarrassing secrets of the popular kids that rule the school. Along the way she mistakenly publishes information on her only crush, and soon finds out that the pen is mightier than the sword. Now Violet must try to heal the deep wounds she has cast.

—Katey Sagal as "Naomi Jacobs"

When Angels Come To Town (2004)

The angel Max seems to have bungled his heavenly mission. A holiday angel (Peter Falk) finds his job is in jeopardy when his supervisor (Katey Sagal) arrives to punish him for contacting the wrong family.

—Katey Sagal as "Jo"

Smart House (1999)

The Coopers win a "house of the future" with a Cyber housemaid PAT or Personal Applied Technology. A 13 year old boy wins a computerized home manned by a cyborg maid named PAT. When he and his dad move into the house, he figures that his dad will cease considering re-marrying anyone since the house and PAT can handle all of the cooking and cleaning chores. However, his father soon shows an interest in the computer programmer. This sets the boy into tinkering with PAT's program and sets in motion a too wife (and mother)-like nagging robot. Watch a clip right here.

—Katey Sagal as "Pat"

God's New Plan (1999 aka No Higher Love)

Weepy fact-based story about a woman facing her impending death and forced to let her baby's nurse become an integral part of her family's life to aid the future care of the child and her husband. A sentimental made-for-TV movie directed by Michael Switzer that originally aired on CBS in 1999. Katey Sagal plays Ellen Young, a realtor who learns she has terminal cancer. She and her husband Brian (Tom Irwin) prepare for her eventual death, troubled about who will take care of their young infant. They meet divorced nurse Claire Hutton (Annabeth Gish), who agrees to take care of their child.

—Katey Sagal as "Ellen Young"

Chance of a Lifetime (1998)

Can a severe back injury bring two lonely people together? Reporter Tom Maguire and his editor Irene Dunbar respect each other professionally, but personally they are opposites. Irreverent freelance investigative reporter Tom Maguire hits rock bottom when bigot editor in chief Ivan refuses to print his pieces anymore and his bad back most be operated, but his health insurance just expired. Sympathetic editor Irene Dunbar, feeling guilty she didn't save his job, volunteers for a fake marriage so he can use her insurance. The 'happy couple' in now constantly beleaguered by her mother and an insurance inspector, while each has his own affairs, but the co-habitation also seems to generate meaningful affection.

—Katey Sagal as "Irene Dunbar"

Mr. Headmistress (1998)

Tucker recently got out of prison, but is soon sought after by other bad men. So to escape them, he disguises himself as the new Headmistress of an all-girl school.

—Katey Sagal as "Harriet Magnum"

Trail of Tears (1995)

Two women with different lives, living in different states, share one devastating truth: both of their husbands have kidnapped their children. These women, whose lives are torn apart when their children are kidnapped by their respective ex-husbands, join forces to locate their missing children. Watch a clip right here.

—Katey Sagal as "Annie Cook"

She Says She's Innocent (1991 aka Violation of Trust)

Three teenage girlfriends get into a fight. Accidentally one of them gets killed. The two remaining girls promise each other to keep silent. As the police get more and more suspicious, the mother of one of the girls is crushed in a dilema: protect her daughter, or help justice take place? Watch a clip right here.

—Katey Sagal as "Susan Essex"

Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990)

There's a crisis in Rhymeland! All the Rhymies (the characters from Nursery Rhymes) are disappearing! Gordon Goose, son of Mother Goose, and Little Bo Peep set off across Rhymeland to find their missing friends. When Mother Goose is kidnapped, her son Gordon teams up with Little Bo Peep to search for her. When they realize that Mother Goose has been taken into the 'Real World', the characters in Mother Goose's rhymes start to disappear. Watch a clip right here.

—Katey Sagal as "Mary Quite Contrary"

The Dream Makers (1975)

A university professor with big dreams launches a career in the music industry, eventually running his own record label. To ensure radio stations play run his recording artists' music he illegally pays off deejays and in doing so runs the risk of destroying everything he's built. Produced and directed by Katey's father, Boris Sagal.

—Katey Sagal as "Unemployment Manager"

Larry (1974)

"Larry" is a true story about a man wrongly confined the California State Mental Hospital at Camarillo for 26 years, who is discovered to have average intelligence and released, and with the help of a kind social worker's guidance, has to learn to cope with the real world.

—Katey Sagal as "Cashier"

Columbo: Candidate for Crime (1973)

Senatorial candidate Nelson Hayward murders his domineering campaign manager, staging it to appear that Hayward himself was the intended victim of a mob hit gone wrong. Columbo hits the campaign trail to catch the killer. Directed by Katey's father, Boris Sagal. Watch a clip right here.

—Katey Sagal as "Secretary"

The Failing of Raymond (1971)

On the day before she retires, a teacher discovers that a student she had flunked ten years previously is out to kill her. Directed by her father, this is Katey Sagal in her first role.

—Katey Sagal as "Girl Patient"