Television Guest Appearances

Katey Sagal became a household name in the late 80s as the fabulously brazen, undomesticated "Peg Bundy" on the enduring Fox series "Married with Children" (1987). During its lengthy run, she received three Golden Globe and two American Comedy Award nominations. As popular and identifiable as her Peg Bundy persona was, Katey assertively moved on without a hitch after the show went off the air, not only starring in other sitcoms and TV movies, but portraying characters that were polar opposite to the outrageous role that first earned her nationwide attention.

“It isn't often that an actress gets to spend so much time on ONE job. In the acting business, you usually go from one thing to another”
—Katey Sagal


"The Substitute" (6.3) Aired Feb. 17, 2010, "Lockdown" (2.17) Aired March 26, 2006, "Orientation" (2.3) Aired Oct. 5, 2005.

—Katey Sagal as "Helen Norwood"

Eli Stone

"Unwritten" (2.3) Aired Oct. 28, 2008, "Grace" (2.2) Aired Oct. 21, 2008, "Patience" (1.12) Aired April 13, 2008.

—Katey Sagal as "Marci Klein"


"Two and a Half Deaths" Aired May 8, 2008. The CSI team become involved in the world of Hollywood comedy when a diva sitcom star (Sagal) meets an untimely demise while filming her show in Las Vegas.

—Katey Sagal as "Annabelle Bundt"

The Winner

"Hot for Teacher" (1.5) Aired May, 2007. Glen comes face-to-face with his old homeroom teacher, Miss Burko, who ends up giving him a private, albeit very belated, lesson in love.

—Katey Sagal as "Miss Berko"

The Shield

"Exiled" (6.7) Aired May 15, 2007, "Grave" (4.2) Aired March 22, 2005.

—Katey Sagal as "Nancy Gilroy"

Boston Legal (2006)

5 Episodes
(Available on DVD as part of Boston Legal Season Three from 20th Century Fox released Sept. 25, 2007).

—Katey Sagal as "Barbara Little"

Ghost Whisperer

"Undead Comic" (1.12) Aired Dec. 12, 2005.

—Katey Sagal as "Francie Lewis"

HigglyTown Heroes

"Smells Like a Mystery/Ship Ahoy" (1.9) Aired Oct. 25, 2004, "Great Un-Expectations/Snow Dazed" (1.5) Aired Sept. 16, 2004.

—Katey Sagal as "Monica The Police Officer"

The Geena Davis Show

"Girls' Night Out" (1.20) Aired July 3, 2001.

—Katey Sagal as "Ashley"

That '70s Show

"The Career Day" (1.18) Aired Feb. 28, 1999.

—Katey Sagal as "Edna Hyde"


AllStars and Katey Sagal performing live. Aired Feb. 10, 1995.

—German TV at "RTL Saturday Night Live"

Tales From The Crypt

"For Cryin' Out Loud" (2.8) Aired May 22, 1990.

—Katey Sagal as "Ms. Kilbasser"